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Making Marriage Fun

How do we keep the honeymoon going?

Real Family Talk: Returning to “Normal”

Dealing with post-pandemic life.

Nothing in Common!

A change of attitude can save your marriage.

Engaged to be Engaged?

Should I get premarital counseling before getting engaged?

Let’s Not Waste the Pandemic

One year into our current world health crisis, it may be the time to ask “what,” not “why.”

Frequent Family Dinners

Frequent family dinners have multiple benefits to children and teens that aid in positive youth deve…

Parents Can Help Teens and Young Adults Say “No” to Drugs

A comprehensive study with strategies that help prevent addictions.

Family Ties

Jesus is the One who makes us all part of God’s family too.

God Cares For You While You Care for Your Aging Parents

Caring for elderly parents beyond any challenge.

Faith and a Box of Cereal

An object lesson that reminds us to trust God's love.

In Search of Peace and Quiet

A change of perspective that can bring balance to family life

Let God Be the Architect

We need Jesus to build our marriage.

Helping Children (and Others) With Viral Anxiety

Practical advice to navigate a season of uncertainty and bad news

Stay Together

Everything that is a meaningful accomplishment takes effort, patience, and dedication.

Bullying Is Not Right

Teaching children how to respond when bullied.

Keeping Our Homes Abuse-Free

Understanding domestic violence to keep homes free from abuse.

No excuse for Abuse in the Family

Reviewing God’s original design and perfect plan for our relationships and families.

Managing Anger in the Midst of COVID-19

“In your anger [and self-isolation] do not sin.”

Second Chances

God gives us second chances.

This Marriage Is Ruining My Spiritual Life: Can I Get Out?

God’s regard for your marriage and the powerful good It can do

The Church As The Body Of Christ

Supporting families in crisis

Answered Prayer for Mr. Top

Transforming power of prayer.

Sponges, Brains, and Character

A hands-on family devotional on guarding our hearts and brains to develop a Christ-like character.

Ministering to Grieving Children: Jesus’ experience of grieving and restoration

Learning from the example of Jesus, church pastors, and members alike can aid in the healing and lon…

Longings and Losses: Working with Grieving Families – Part 2

What should we say to a grieving person? How can we minister to someone who is going through a loss?…

Longings and Losses: Working with Grieving Families – Part 1

Understanding grief is essential to ministering to a grieving family.

Words That Hurt, Words That Heal

Being misunderstood is an awful experience, especially if you are a teenager and the person doing th…

Parenting Children for Christian Interracial Friendships

How to talk to your child about racism

In Need of a Do-over!

Have you had the kind of day where you just wanted to stop and have a do-over? I have certainly exp…

Listening Well in a Crisis

How can we listen better when people are distressed? That is a big question for which we need answer…

Abuse During Lockdown, and How to Help

For some people, the biggest challenge is being trapped in their own home, 24 hours a day, with an a…

Your Marriage Can Survive COVID-19, here is how

COVID-19 has dramatically and drastically changed life in our homes. Many of us are feeling anxious,…

Helping Families Cope During COVID-19

Your children need a safe place to talk and an opportunity to express their feelings, and it is up t…

Family Activities

Keeping a schedule has also helped us, so we designate times in our day where we come together, such…

Ministering to Children in Times of Coronavirus

This week, as I read news articles and had conversations about the challenges families are facing du…

Sanity for the Sandwich Generation During COVID-19

Today, I am claiming the promise found in Philippians 4:13 (NKJV) “I can do all things through Chris…

Tips for Surviving and Thriving During COVID-19 for Families

Here are a few tips to help in managing the stay-at-home orders and maintaining peace in the home.

Q&A: Surviving and Thriving as a Family During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Feeling anxious during this pandemic is expected and not unusual. Asking questions rather than makin…

There is Hope for Today’s Families

Despite the difficulty of life in relationships, there is Hope for Today’s Families, much can change…

Spicy Peanut Sauce

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Cashew Cheese

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