Adventist Family Ministries focuses on people in relationship. It is a ministry that provides tools for couples, parents and children, single adults, and all members of the wider family circle as they pass through life’s predictable stages and confront unexpected changes in their lives.

At this site you will find resources and ideas to help launch and maintain an effective family ministries program, the mission and philosophy of Adventist Family Ministries, and position statements pertaining to family issues. You will also find trustworthy and biblical answers to many questions regarding family life and links to other helpful websites.


Parenting is at once a wonderful blessing and an incredible challenge. Of course, every challenge is an opportunity for growth — in parenting there are many opportunities for parents and children to grow and develop into the image of God. Children Children’s Stories Statements Statement on the Nurture and Protection of ChildrenStatement on Child Sexual…

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Adventist Family Ministries focuses on the family as a whole and on each individual that comprises the unit.

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Marriage is the first institution designed by God at Creation. God fashioned humankind as male and female in His own image; He instituted marriage, a covenant-based union of the two genders physically, emotionally, and spiritually, spoken of in Scripture as “one flesh.”

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