Our Responsibilities

Focusing on people in family relationships, Adventist Family Ministries reinforces and encourages wholesome families as they pass through life’s predictable stages and contend with unexpected changes in their lives. It extends hope and support to those who have been injured and hurt by abuse, family dysfunction, and broken relationships. The department provides growth opportunities through family life education and enrichment and encourages individuals, married couples, and families to avail themselves of professional counseling when necessary.

Specific tasks include preparation of resources and leadership development to equip pastors and lay leaders to offer services to the community in the areas of premarital guidance, strengthening marriage, and parent education, with attention also given to extended families, single parenting, step-families and the family needs of singles.

Adventist Family Ministries Responsibilities:

  1. View Adventist Family Ministries from a world perspective, staying informed regarding changing family demographics and continually assessing the widely varied needs of families and the family needs of singles.
  2. Develop and maintain a significant level of expertise in the various content areas within the Adventist Family Ministries leadership training curriculum.
  3. Prepare and distribute core materials related to the Adventist Family Ministries curriculum which are suitable for adaptation throughout the world field.
  4. Monitor and evaluate Adventist Family Ministries materials and resources adapted or developed in the world divisions, and coordinate an appropriate sharing of these resources among divisions.
  5. Keep current with regard to trends and methods in family life education, enrichment and counseling and maintain significant levels of knowledge and expertise especially in the primary methodologies of family life education and enrichment.
  6. Develop and maintain relationships with Adventist family professionals and, where possible, form liaisons with non-Adventist family professionals and organizations.
  7. Working primarily with the divisions and with unions by request of the divisions, they will provide consultation, training and resourcing for Adventist Family Ministries personnel worldwide.
  8. Serve as advisors and consultants for General Conference administration and other departments on family matters.