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Welcome to the Family Ministries Centennial Celebration Resource Center. Please make plans to join the World Church in celebrating this important milestone in our ministry.

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Family Ministries has been making vital contributions to strengthening families in and out of the Seventh-day Adventist Church around the world for 100 years. Below is a summary of those who have given leadership to this important area of church life over the past century.

Celebrating a Century

Family Ministries present directors Willie and Elaine Oliver along with former directors Ron and Karen Flowers revisit the history of the department.

Please, download and share with your church and family this video as part of the Centennial Celebration activities:
• Download 720p version MP4 (1 Gb)
• Download 1080p version MOV (2.4 Gb)

10 Ideas to Celebrate the Centennial

1. Celebrate the two Family emphasis weeks in 2019: Christian Home and Marriage Week in February and Family Togetherness Week in September. Download the ads for these special dates.

2. Plan to get your entire congregation to participate in the distribution of the World Missionary Book for 2019 Hope for Today’s Families during the two special weeks of Family emphasis, or during some other date in 2019 if the dates in February or September don’t work well for your congregation.

Learn more about the Missionary Book for 2019 here.

3. Honor a couple, person or family in your congregation that has made a big difference in helping to develop stronger and healthier families in your local church and/or community.

4. Have a special banquet/dinner either on a Saturday evening in February or in September to celebrate 100 years of Family Ministries in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

5. Use the PDF file of the brochure with the history of Family Ministries (Click here to download).

6. Use the PDF file of our centennial logo to advertise and promote the centennial celebration (Click here to download).

7. Use the 2019 Planbook, which has sermons, seminars and other family strengthening resources for the centennial celebration (Click here to go to Planbook section).

8. Lead out or participate in a Total Member Involvement (Total Family Involvement) family evangelism project in 2019.

9. Be kind, be patient, be forgiving in all of your relationships.


Below you will find the brochure in PDF file ready for distribution. It is also available as a document ready for translation.

Family Ministries History Brochure

• Click to download the Brochure (PDF)

• Click to download the file for translation (Word)

• Click to download the Design Translation Kit (AI+ID: 430Mb)

Please use the Centennial logo to promote the celebration in your field and local church.

Click here to download the Translation Kit for the Centennial Logo
Click to download the English Centennial Logo
Descargue aquí el Logotipo del Centenario en español
Cliquez pour télécharger le logo du centenaire en français
Baixe o Logotipo do Centenário em Português aqui

Help Us Document the Global Celebration

We are going to be documenting centennial celebrations around the world. When there is a Family Ministries event in your field or local church please send us a few pictures of your event.

Send the date, location, name of your church, union and division.
Attach a maximum of five pictures.

Send to:
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