Rebuilding the Family Altar

The Tool Belt

Enhance your family worship with these additional materials:

Week of Prayer On-the-Go

Print below a summarized version of the Family Togetherness Week of Prayer and don’t miss the opportunity to Rebuild the Family Altar at home.

Family Worship Covenant

Have a special family worship on Sabbath evening and create your family worship covenant. If you are able, invite one or two other families; consider inviting a family that doesn’t look like your family. Remember to include the widows, the single parents, young couples, refugee family, single young adult, new immigrant family, etc. Share your experience from the Week of Prayer and the significance of rebuilding the family altar. Invite your guests to develop a family worship covenant for their own family. 

The Seven Tools

Along this 2022 Family Togetherness Week of Prayer, we will explore the “Spiritual Tools” we can use to Rebuild the Family Altar, use the printout of the tools to help visualize the learnings of each day, and memorize the Scripture Text.



In this webinar you will discover the importance of the Elijah Message for then and for today. The imperative is for Adventist families to turn their hearts back to God and rebuild their family altars today.


In this webinar you will discover what is and what isn’t Family Worship. You will understand the foundations of Family Worship and its benefits for each person in your family. Choose today to work with the members of your family to custom-make a worship experience that fits you, and welcome the presence of God in your home every day.

Friday Night Song

Note from the authors:

This is a song we sing with our toddler son every Friday night before going to bed. We try to remember all the significant or special activities from the day or from the week. In our case, our parents live far, so we name both families’ grandparents for our son to remember their nicknames and names.

It is supposed to be a straightforward song, and you can use any tune you prefer. The main idea is that this song is our entering to Sabbath tradition.

Our goal with this song is to present the Sabbath to our son as a day to be grateful for, as we give our gratitude to Jesus.

Authors: Angela, Daniel & Kai