Family Togetherness Week 2020

Family Togetherness Week: September 6-12

Family Togetherness Week is scheduled in the first week in September, beginning with the first Sunday and ending on the following Sabbath with Family Togetherness Day. Family Togetherness Week and Family Togetherness Day highlight celebrating the church as a family.

Family Togetherness Day: Sabbath, September 12
(Emphasizes the Church Family)

Use the Family Sermon for the worship service and the Family Seminar for a Friday evening, Sabbath afternoon and/or Saturday night program.

Resources for you

Planbook 2020: Making Disciples

Inside this year’s Planbook your will find many resources like Sermons, Seminars, Children’s Stories, Leadership Resources and more. Please visit the Planbook 2020 page to download the digital version. This edition is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and Russian.