Sermon Collections


Close Companions
The close companionship of a husband and wife in marriage helps them to be better equipped to face and endure whatever crises life may bring (by Karen & Ron Flowers).

Grace Changes Everything
The grace of God empowers and energizes us to produce happy, healthy marriages (by Bryan Craig).

Invited to the Feast
The gift of Christ to the marriage feast at Cana was a symbol of what He wants to do to our own marriages (by Roberto Badenas).

Let Love’s Light Shine
Each Christian married couple is a ministering unit whose love and oneness is a powerful means of sharing the gospel and uplifting the lives of other couples and individuals (by Karen & Ron Flowers).

Marriage: A Godly Design
God designed marriage to help meet the multiple needs of men and women in a context of affirmation, safety, and security (by Willie Oliver).

The Marriage Miracle
Jesus’ transformation of water and wine at the wedding feast symbolizes His transformation of the marriage institution. God’s redemptive act in Christ lifted the curse, permitting couples to enjoy equality and mutuality in marriage without the control of one by the other and the abuse which so often results (by Karen & Ron Flowers).

Preventive Health Care for Marriages
God has given simple preventive principles that can help couples to maintain a healthy marriage (by Paull and Becky Dixon).

Sustaining Love Through the Seasons of Marriage
Provisions exist in the Christian gospel to enable married couples to maintain their covenant amid changes that affect their marriage (by Ron Flowers).

Your Marriage: How It Shapes the Next Generation
When the Spirit of Christ resides in the hearts of a couple, their marriage can be a powerful influence to mold the lives of children and guide them toward positive values (by Karen & Ron Flowers).


The Art of Being With
Though we may experience grief for a reason in our lives, Jesus heals our brokenness so that we can be instruments of healing to others (by Larry Yeagley).

Brother Beloved
The gospel offers new beginnings for estranged relationships (by Karen & Ron Flowers).

Challenges to the Rhythm of Life
In the midst of crises, disappointments, tears and sorrow, our faith can declare, “God is good, all the time” (by Lindrey Niles).

Christlikeness in Relationships
Building an atmosphere of Christlikeness-love, respect, beauty in relationships-in our relationships at home and in society (by Lowell C. Cooper).

Families Filled With Joy
An understanding of the dynamics of families, coupled with a clear presentation of the good news of the gospel, can make it possible for more households to be discipled together for Christ (by Karen & Ron Flowers).

The God of the Second Time
The God who called Jonah again, despite his deliberate disobedience, is still the God of second chances (by Jo Ann Davidson).

If You Don’t “Get It,” You Don’t Get It!
Until we understand our complete lostness and God’s amazing grace, we can never understand forgiveness. When we do understand, God will enable us to draw on His grace and pass it on (by Karen Flowers).

Many, Yet One Family
Through Christ we can find oneness in our families both at home and at church (by Karen & Ron Flowers).

The Mission of Fellowship
Our families and our churches as families, when we allow God’s Spirit to minister through us, have the opportunity and privilege of carrying out the fellowship aspect of mission (Adapted with permission from a message by Gottfried Oosterwal delivered at Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, July 18, 1992).

A New Design for Relational Power
Healthy Christian relationships exhibit mutual caring, support, and respect for human equality and dignity. The gospel overcomes dominance and control in relationships through the principle of mutual submission to one another in Christ (by Karen & Ron Flowers).

A Time for Turning
Within the family-strengthening Elijah message for our time there is a hopeful, redemptive message for those who have departed from the values of God’s word (by Karen & Ron Flowers).

Transitions and Traditions
Dramatic changes in the lives of God’s people were often marked by celebrations. These celebrations frequently became traditions that kept memories alive and helped change to be viewed positively as part of growth and progress toward God’s goals for His people (by Gaspar Colon).

Walking Down Memory Lane for Family Revival
Family revival is born of telling and retelling our stories of God’s workings in our lives and in our families (by Waveney Martinborough).


Building Characters for Eternity
Scripture reveals the paramount task of parents-to develop solid characters in their children, characters that will stand firm against negative influences of the world (by Linda Koh).

Childish Things That Should Not Be Put Away
An important aspect of becoming an adult is to retain the simple lessons about life and relationships learned in childhood (by Karen & Ron Flowers).

Families Who Foster Faith
Scripture reveals the paramount importance of the family in transmitting spiritual values from generation to generation (by Karen & Ron Flowers).

Helping Our Youth Catch the Gospel
Since values are more often caught than taught, we parents and guardians have the wonderful opportunity of helping children and youth to take hold of the gospel by providing an atmosphere of warmth, openness and grace and allowing our young people to witness our own behavior, including our mistakes and our requests for forgiveness (by Elaine & Willie Oliver).

A Home Is for Sharing
The truly Christian home has a faith and experience to share which can help and bless others (by Karen & Ron Flowers).

How to Love a Son of Thunder
With God’s help we can keep loving one another in our families even as we pass through difficult periods in our lives together (by Karen & Ron Flowers).

I Will Save Your Children
Excerpts from the book of poetry entitled Although the Day Is Not Mine to Give, I’ll Show You the Morning Sun , written and illustrated by David Melton. The commentary is provided by Karen Flowers.

If the Twins Could Talk to Us
The family experiences of Jacob and Esau with their parents, Isaac and Rebekah, offer profound insights for contemporary parents (by Karen & Ron Flowers).

The Light of God in a Child’s Eyes
The spiritual development of our children is an important part of parenting and is a task of the church. Adults have a positive duty to enable children’s faith in God and to avoid any attitudes or behaviors toward children that would cause them to stumble (by Audray Johnson).

Parable of the Wonderful Father
The Heavenly Father looks every day “up the road,” ready to welcome home prodigals (by Danie Swanepoel).