Binding up Bruised Reeds: A Quick Reference Guide for Ministry to Families Experiencing Violence

New 2009 Release

Binding up Bruised Reeds:
A Quick Reference Guide for Ministry to Families Experiencing Abuse and Family Violence

Edited by Karen M. Flowers and Barbara Couden Hernandez, AdventSource 2009

Available from AdventSource :

Eighty percent of all victims of domestic violence look to a pastor, priest, rabbi, or other religious leader for help first. Yet clergy are some of the least informed and most ill-prepared for abuse counseling. Binding Up Bruised Reeds has been professionally compiled for Seventh-day Adventist pastors and other church leaders to use with persons suffering physical, mental, emotional or social abuse.

This Quick Reference Guide can help you become part of a network of professional and community services available to respond to cases of family violence and child abuse and neglect. Together there is strength to bring justice, healing, and hope where there was once only despair.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: We Have a Problem Here!

Chapter 2: Toward Some Definitions

Chapter 3: Myths about Abuse and Family Violence

Chapter 4: Warning Signs of Abuse and Family Violence

Chapter 5: Breaking the Silence

Chapter 6: Applicable Laws and the Pastor’s Legal Responsibility

Chapter 7: Spiritual Care and Empowerment

Chapter 8: An Appropriate Pastoral Response

Chapter 9: Questions on Pastors’ Minds

Chapter 10: Personalized Safety Plan

Chapter 11: Contact Information

Appendix A: Statement on Family Violence

Appendix B: Statement on Well-being and Value of Children

Appendix C: Statement on Child Sexual Abuse

Appendix D: Sexual Misconduct in Church Relationships Involving Denominational Employees or Approved Volunteers-Model Procedures

Appendix E: Church Attendance/Participation Policy for Sex Offenders