What We Believe

Learn about Our Mission and Vision Statements, Family Ministries Objectives, Responsiblities, and the Theology of Family Ministries.

Our Mission and Vision Statements

Our Mission Statement The Department of Family Ministries seeks to strengthen, inspire hope, and bring healing to marriages, families, and individuals through the abundant love and saving grace of Je…

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Family Ministries Objectives

1. To proclaim the reviving and restorative message of the everlasting gospel within the context of family living. Christ is and must be acknowledged as the Savior and Head of every home. In Him, fami…

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Focusing on people in family relationships, Family Ministries reinforces and encourages wholesome families as they pass through life's predictable stages and contend with unexpected changes in their l…

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Theology of Family Ministries

Several major assumptions drawn from biblical study and theological reflection undergird Christian family ministries. 1. God is a relational being who has made human beings for relationships (Gen.…

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