2022 Virtual World Advisory

Welcome to the Adventist Family Ministries 2022 Virtual World Advisory Hub. Below you will find files designed to support you in your work in Family Ministries.

To download the 2022 Virtual World Advisory Program please click on your respective picture/organization link.

Adventist Family Ministries


I Will Go is the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s strategic focus for the 2020-2025 quinquennium. This experience is meant to involve all church members around the world in reaching the world. This initiative is also designed to inspire and equip church members to use their God-given spiritual gifts in witness and service for Christ. 

In the Adventist Family Ministries Strategic Focus 2020 – 2025 brochure you will find the three areas of emphases (Mission, Spiritual Growth and Leadership), seven Objectives and 20 KPIs Adventist Family Ministries across the world will be working with during the 2020-2025 Quinquennium.

Click here to download the AFM Strategic Focus 2020-2025 Zoom Background

Adventist Family Ministries


In 2020 the General Conference issued a rebranding of its logotype and Adventist Family Ministries followed-suit in order to portray the consolidated branding of the World Church.

Inside the Adventist Family Ministries Logo Brand Guidelines – Kit 2020 are all the files necessary to follow the new brand guidelines and also to translate the new official logo to your local language.

The kit includes:

  • AFM Brand Guidelines
  • AFM 2020 Logo Translation Files
  • Advent Sans Font
  • AFM 2020 Logo – English edition
  • I Will Go With My Family Logo – Translation File

Also included, you will find an Adobe Illustrator® to help you translate the I Will Go With My Family logotype into your language.

The Elijah Message, Adventist Family Ministries’
Contribution to the Three Angels’ Messages World Initiative


The focus of this book is the Elijah Message with emphasis on the Innocent Sacrifice, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and His Cross. The book is also, to large degree, family oriented. Why? Because the Elijah Message is an important family message, especially to those living during the time of the three angels’ messages. The following five points give evidence of the family connections.


ThreeAngels.info exists to provide you with resources and materials to gain a deeper understanding of the Three Angels’ Messages and to share it with those in your sphere of influence.

Find more resources at threeangels.info