Resources to Support Families During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Good Communication

Good communication is like the blood of relationships. Every facet of the living organism of your re…

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Personal Advice

Heather-Dawn Small Passes to her Rest in the Lord

Pastor Ted Wilson shared these comforting words: “Our hearts go out to the family of Heather-Dawn Sm…

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Holidays With Adult Children

We appreciate your willingness to approach this holiday season differently than you have in the past…

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The Energy of our Marriage

Thank you for the level of empathy you show for your wife in your question. At this time your relati…

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Survival Guides


1. Creating a Happy Home in a Pandemic

Staying at home is the best option to stop the COVID-19 spread, but it is challenging to keep fear, anxiety, and uncertainty from disrupting the peace in our homes. Willie and Elaine Oliver were live at Hope At Home, sharing ideas on how to create a safe and happy home in a Pandemic.

2. Healthy Relationships in Quarantine

Staying healthy is one of the top priorities during this pandemic. It also means staying emotionally stable to safeguard our family relationships. Willie and Elaine Oliver were live at Hope At Home, and they shared strategies to promote a healthy family environment that will reduce the chances of abuse while in quarantine.

3. Create a Family Mission Statement

COVID-19 has brought on a lot of stress to families, but at the same time, it has allowed families to reconnect. Willie and Elaine Oliver were live at Hope At Home, and they shared ideas on how to establish a mission statement to help your family come out stronger and more resilient from the quarantine.

4. Tips for Saving Your Marriage During COVID-19

Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are witnessing some positive unintended outcomes for our environment. People from the most congested cities are enjoying a cleaner sky. Our families can also experience a positive outcome from this situation. Willie and Elaine Oliver shared tips on how to come out from this pandemic with a stronger marriage and a healthier family.

5. Divorce-proofing Your Marriage During COVID-19

Being in quarantine has increased the levels of stress in marriages and our relationships are being tested. Willie and Elaine Oliver shared strategies to mitigate the stress and divorce-proof your marriage on Hope at Hope.

6. Grief and COVID 19: Helping Families Cope with Loss

The COVID-19 pandemic has provoked collective grief due to the loss of relatives and friends, but also pain that comes from the loss of normalcy and missing out on essential live-events, such as graduations, birthdays, and weddings. Dr. Willie and Elaine Oliver will discuss how this collective grief is impacting families and will provide suggestions on how to cope with the various losses that we are experiencing.

7. The Unexpected Blessings of COVID-19 Quarantine

Learn how your family can strengthen faith in God, even in these tumultuous times. The COVID-19 quarantine has been difficult and yet here we are two months in, more or less, and we’re still standing. Many families are finding that despite the challenges, there have been unexpected blessings. Learn how families can take this opportunity to leave a legacy of faith.

8. The Intentional Family: Rituals to Strengthen Your Family Togetherness

We asked a few families what rituals they are creating during the quarantine and have many ideas to share that are easy to incorporate into your family schedule.

9. Surviving the COVID-19 Summer with Your Kids

With the school year coming to an end, families are letting go of the pressure that comes from schooling their children and are welcoming a new set of challenges for Summer break.