Family Ministries Breakout

Welcome to the General Conference Department of Family Ministries, Reach The World – Budapest 2017, Breakout Materials. Please save this webpage in your favorites bookmarks as we will be updating this page with new resources continuously.

This page and documents are only for the use of Adventist Family Ministries World Directors.

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Family Ministries Breakout Presentations

Below you will find a link to download the presentations (PDF files) that were given during the Family Ministries Breakouts at the Reach The World, Budapest 2017, Leadership Conference.

E. Mueller:
Homosexual Relations in Romans 1
G. Mihalect:
Intimacy Training RTW
K. Holford:
Helping hurting marriages
Willie and Elaine Oliver:
FM Mission & Vision

Virna Santos:
How Should Parents Respond to their Children
Click here to download all the presentations