Church with a Toddler


I have a toddler and we go to church. Church comes every week so it shouldn’t be a surprise and yet… I was always struggling to gather up all of the things that I would need. I’ve finally come up with a plan that mostly works. It isn’t for everyone but hopefully, it may help you a bit. I’d love to hear your suggestions too…

1. Bag – Have a bag that is specifically for church only- include all of the items that you’ll need. I re-fill it when I return from church. My items include:

2. Getting your child ready

  • Bathe the night before if possible.
  • Have clothes laid out and ready.
  • Don’t dress your child until they’ve had breakfast.
  • Distraction- I save Veggie Tales for Sabbath. My daughter is allowed to watch an episode while I work on getting myself ready

3. Getting yourself ready

  • Get up early enough – my mom told me that she kept getting up earlier by 30-minute increments (7:00,6:30,6:00, etc.) until we could have a good morning. You are responsible for the tone of the day, set yourself up for joy.
  • Pre-plan your outfit- I literally lay out everything that I’ll be using- it keeps me sane.
  • Don’t skip breakfast- you’ll need the energy to wrangle your toddler.

I’m doing my best to make morning pleasant- I want Sabbath to be happy rather than filled with frustration and hurrying. I’d love to hear your ideas for things that make your church mornings successful.

About the author: Summer Porter is the interim editorial assistant for GC Family Ministries. She’s a working wife and mom who is very human and struggles daily with balance. She’s spouse to David and mom to Brooklyn Dawn (age 3) and Breelyn Elizabeth (died of SIDS- age 4 months June 2016). Summer has a blog where she shares her thoughts about life and losing a child.