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Start an FM Program – Shaping a Church’s Family Ministries

SHAPING A CHURCH’S FAMILY MINISTRIES The form that family ministry takes will be determined by the overall goals of the church, the felt needs of the congregation and the community, the prevailing attitudes toward such specific ministry and the resources available. The approach that may be used and the intensity with which it is pursued…

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Start an FM Program – Succesful Family Ministries Programs

SUCCESSFUL FAMILY MINISTRIES PROGRAMS The key to successful family ministry programs in the local church includes the following: A definition of needs A specific target audience Adequate planning Quality communication with the target audience A small team of church members who are willing to learn some essential relational skills, and A keen sense of how…

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Start an FM Program

STARTING A FAMILY MINISTRIES PROGRAM Our work for Christ is to begin with the family in the home. By many this home field has been shamefully neglected, and it is time that divine resources and remedies were presented, that this state of evil may be corrected. God designs that the families of earth shall be…

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