2010 Planbooks: Becoming Family


Becoming Family
The 2010 Family Ministries Planbook

Edited by Karen and Ron Flowers
Compiled by Roberto Badenas

Available from AdventSource : https://www.adventsource.org

How can your congregation help its members to become families? This 2010 Family Ministries Planbook will help pastors and church leaders in creating an intentional plan for assisting the members of their church in becoming family. From sermons and children’s stories to articles and book reviews, you will find an abundance of resources in this Planbook. Here is a short list of what you will find:


  • Happy Ending for an Unloved Wife
  • Four Essential Duties for Parenting
  • Who Are My Family?
  • God’s Way Versus My Way


  • Building a Stronger Marriage in Tough Times
  • Preparing Parents for Effective Parenting
  • Leading Family Ministries: A Seminar for Local Church Leaders

Leadership Resources

  • Modeling Forgiveness
  • Jesus Was Single Too
  • To Prohibit of Permit: Toward a Healthy Balance in Parenting

There are many ways to define families. One way is to focus on the way persons behave toward one another. This functional definition of family looks beyond structure to what a group of people mean to each other, what they do for and with each other, and how their relationship endures across time. “Family,” as one of the writers in this book states, “is a verb.” “Family” by this understanding is a dynamic action word. It is not so much a label to describe who we are as it is a way of describing how we care for one another

– Adapted from the Introduction, “Families We Make.”

Paperback. 84 pages. Released in 2010 as the Family Ministries Planbook (North American Division edition).