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Close Companions
The close companionship of a husband and wife in marriage helps them to be better equipped to face and endure whatever crises life may bring (by Karen & Ron Flowers).

Grace Changes Everything
The grace of God empowers and energizes us to produce happy, healthy marriages (by Bryan Craig).

Invited to the Feast
The gift of Christ to the marriage feast at Cana was a symbol of what He wants to do to our own marriages (by Roberto Badenas).

Let Love's Light Shine
Each Christian married couple is a ministering unit whose love and oneness is a powerful means of sharing the gospel and uplifting the lives of other couples and individuals (by Karen & Ron Flowers).

Marriage: A Godly Design
God designed marriage to help meet the multiple needs of men and women in a context of affirmation, safety, and security (by Willie Oliver).

The Marriage Miracle
Jesus' transformation of water and wine at the wedding feast symbolizes His transformation of the marriage institution. God's redemptive act in Christ lifted the curse, permitting couples to enjoy equality and mutuality in marriage without the control of one by the other and the abuse which so often results (by Karen & Ron Flowers).

Preventive Health Care for Marriages
God has given simple preventive principles that can help couples to maintain a healthy marriage (by Paull and Becky Dixon).

Sustaining Love Through the Seasons of Marriage
Provisions exist in the Christian gospel to enable married couples to maintain their covenant amid changes that affect their marriage (by Ron Flowers).

Your Marriage: How It Shapes the Next Generation
When the Spirit of Christ resides in the hearts of a couple, their marriage can be a powerful influence to mold the lives of children and guide them toward positive values (by Karen & Ron Flowers).

Mission to the Families in the Cities: Family to Family

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Reaching Families for
Jesus: Discipleship and Service

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