Resources for Family Ministries: Premarital Guidance in the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Premarital Guidance in Seventh-day Adventist Church
A brief history of actions and policies regarding premarital guidance.

Preparing Couples for Marriage
A summary of the philosophy, process, tools and procedures that contribute to an effective program of premarital guidance.

A Program for Premarital Guidance
Outline for an eight-session program of marriage preparation by a pastor or counselor with a couple engaged to be married.

Preparing for Marriage Inventory An inventory for use in preparing couples for marriage.

Bibliography for Marriage Preparation
A selected list of books for use by a pastor or counselor in premarital guidance.

Resources for Pre-marriage Preparation -- Organizations
A selected list of organizations involved in marriage preparation and marital growth.

Premarital Couple Dialogue Questions
A compilation of questions and statements to stimulate couple dialog and facilitate relationship discovery in marriage preparation programs.

Mission to the Families in the Cities: Family to Family

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Reaching Families for
Jesus: Discipleship and Service

The 2018 Family Ministries Planbook - World Edition is available now for download!

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