Building Characters for Eternity
Scripture reveals the paramount task of parents-to develop solid characters in their children, characters that will stand firm against negative influences of the world (by Linda Koh) .

Childish Things That Should Not Be Put Away
An important aspect of becoming an adult is to retain the simple lessons about life and relationships learned in childhood (by Karen & Ron Flowers) .

Families Who Foster Faith
Scripture reveals the paramount importance of the family in transmitting spiritual values from generation to generation (by Karen & Ron Flowers) .

Helping Our Youth Catch the Gospel
Since values are more often caught than taught, we parents and guardians have the wonderful opportunity of helping children and youth to take hold of the gospel by providing an atmosphere of warmth, openness and grace and allowing our young people to witness our own behavior, including our mistakes and our requests for forgiveness (by Elaine & Willie Oliver) .

A Home Is for Sharing
The truly Christian home has a faith and experience to share which can help and bless others (by Karen & Ron Flowers) .

How to Love a Son of Thunder
With God's help we can keep loving one another in our families even as we pass through difficult periods in our lives together (by Karen & Ron Flowers) .

I Will Save Your Children
Excerpts from the book of poetry entitled Although the Day Is Not Mine to Give, I'll Show You the Morning Sun , written and illustrated by David Melton. The commentary is provided by Karen Flowers.

If the Twins Could Talk to Us
The family experiences of Jacob and Esau with their parents, Isaac and Rebekah, offer profound insights for contemporary parents (by Karen & Ron Flowers) .

The Light of God in a Child's Eyes
The spiritual development of our children is an important part of parenting and is a task of the church. Adults have a positive duty to enable children's faith in God and to avoid any attitudes or behaviors toward children that would cause them to stumble (by Audray Johnson) .

Parable of the Wonderful Father
The Heavenly Father looks every day "up the road," ready to welcome home prodigals (by Danie Swanepoel) .

Mission to the Families in the Cities: Family to Family

The Family To Family guides for Church and Family are available now for download here!

Reaching Families for
Jesus: Growing Disciples

The 2017 Family Ministries Planbook - World Edition is available now for download!

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