Children's Stories

The Dog that Laughed All the Way Home
As Wayne parked his pickup truck beside his house one day after work, he heard the neighbor lady calling for him to come over to her house as fast as he could. When Wayne got there, he saw his little beagle dog lying on the ground, foaming at the mouth and acting crazy. He had a weird look in his eyes. . .
A story on how God loves us and hears our prayers when we are in need.

Friends Again
Janet and Julie were sisters. They were also best friends. They played together every day after school. Best of all, they liked playing with their dolls. Janet's best doll had real hair and would drink water from a bottle. . .
A story on forgiveness.

Grandpa and the Changing Butterfly
Stevey was excited! He loved going to Grandpa and Grandma's place! Mom and Dad would be away for the weekend and he and Grandpa would have the whole farm to themselves!
A story on how to cope with death.

Grandma and the aunts and uncles rocked back and forth in the long swings which hung from the roof of the big porch. . .
A story on how we are all related through one Relative, Jesus.

His Hands Wouldn't Go Round
Pedro looked like a giant toadstool that morning as he sat on a small stump with his poncho, or loose coat, thrown around his shoulders and his large sombrero, or hat, covering him completely. . .
A story on how Jesus can help us change our bad habits.

How Jeff Witnessed During the Forest Fire
Jeff Crandall leaned on his hoe. Another row and a half of string beans, and he would have the garden weeded for a couple of weeks at least. He heard the roar of plane overhead. He looked at the billowing cloud of smoke rising, hot and glowing. . .
A story on how all things work together for good to them that love God.

How Spot and Stripe Made Peace
A dialogue between Spot and Stripe, two simple mitten-style hand puppets.
A story illustrating how human beings are connected together through their Creator.

Jamie's Dilemma
Jamie sat on the porch next to his suitcase with a worried frown on his face. His mother and dad had just given him some news he wasn't all sure he liked. . .
A story on adoption.

Jon's Hard Lesson
Jon and Brent could hardly wait to leave on vacation. Mom and Dad had talked with them the night before about all the interesting places they would be visiting and had given each of them some spending money. . .
A story on learning to make better choices

Keeper of the Light
Mary's father was the keeper of a lighthouse on the coast of England. One afternoon, Mary was in the lighthouse alone. . .
A story on fear and courage.

Lahemane Mushe
The three boys stopped dead in their tracks. They were three boys from Sierra Leone. But who on earth was he ?. . .
A story on how we are all part of Jesus family.

Little Seka's Big Decision
Seka lives in Ivory Coast, West Africa. From the time he was born, his parents, who were Seventh-day Adventists, had family worship every day. . .
A story on witnessing for Jesus.

A jogger noticed a large poster to a tree in her neighborhood. The first word that caught her eye was printed in big black letters. . .
A story on the importance that God created us and wants us part of His family forever.

Missing Grandpa
Rebecca loved her grandpa! Some days they worked on the big puzzle they were putting together, some days they washed the car, some days they went to the library, some days they ran errands, whatever, Grandpa was always there. . .
A story on how to cope with death.

Mother's Hands
A young mother laid her baby girl to sleep on her cradle. I'll just go to the neigbors for a minute to visit, she thought to herself. . .
A story on how Jesus loves us so much that he died for us.

The Mysterious Life of a Pond
Have you ever looked into a pond? What did you see?
A story on how everything we do and say affects the others around us.

A New Front Tooth
Richard looked at himself in the mirror with disgust. One thing was clear. He just couldn't smile any more. If he kept his lips together, maybe no one would ever find out. . .
A story on how we can always know that Jesus is with us and will help us no matter what.

Parrot Preachers
Grandma Maria was the first member of the Colon family to become a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. She loved Jesus so much and it didn't take very long for people in her neighborhood to realize that fact. . .
A story on sharing our love for Jesus with others.

Playing Dress Up
In the back of Mother's closet was a big box. Some days it was full to overflowing, other days there wasn't so much. You never could tell what you would find in there. . .
A story on how God wants us to be happy as part of our family and as a member of His family.

Reggie's Angry Face
Reggie like to make funny faces and do silly things just to get his friends laughing and smiling. Reggie had one face though, that sometimes would scare his friends away. . .
A story on dealing with anger

Sara and Ivan's Big Change
Ivan and Sara and their parents had been missionaries in Africa for more than four years. . .
A story on how Jesus is our Best Friend, He never changes and will always love us.

Second Chances
This telling of the Bible story "Jonah and the Whale" is being illustrated by using balloons filled with helium gas.

School Daze
Anna looked in the mirror to brush her bangs. She sighed. Today was her first day of school. . . A story on the first day of school

The Tummy-ache
"Mommy!," shouted Maria. "Mommy!" It was late at night as Maria called from her bed. "My tummy hurts."
A story on how important it is to take good care of one's body.

The Vanishing Black Smudge
Many years ago a boy named Davy lived on a farm. It was a big farm, and there was lots to do to care for the animals and grow food for his family. One day Davy's parents announced that they had to go away for a few days. . .

A story on how Jesus loves us enough to cover our mistakes and save us from the consequences we deserve.

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